Seasonal Wedding Dress Guide: Finding the perfect dress for every time of year ---- Summer wedding dresses

Seasonal Wedding Dress Guide: Finding the perfect dress for every time of year ---- Summer wedding dresses

Easy to handle heat: Breathable fabric

As temperatures rise, so does the number of weddings. It's no surprise that summer is the peak of wedding season. Couples love the warm weather and carefree atmosphere that summer weddings bring. This also means that it is crucial to choose a dress that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your wedding day. To achieve this, choosing lightweight breathable fabrics, such as chiffon or tulle, will be your best bet for staying cool while still showing off beauty. Chiffon is our fabric of choice for summer. It is light and airy, with a weightless feel, making it extremely comfortable. Simple fabrics can create a stunning contrast when paired with lace, resulting in a perfect Bohemian look that is perfect for summer. As in spring, tulle is an excellent fabric for summer. This sheer tulle fabric is extremely versatile for flowing ball dresses or slim-fitting A-line dresses, and breathability makes it ideal for summer wedding dresses. Our Shayla wedding dress, style 40100200 is made for summer! This flowing tulle A-line dress is embellished with three-dimensional lace flowers that flow down the sheer bodice. Delicate pleats create texture and layering, while slits at the front of the hemline add more movement and bring this romantic and adventurous gown to life.

Senga, Style 30100149 is a relaxed chiffon wedding dress for our curvy brides. This understated A-line dress features breathable and comfortable fabrics, A simple V-neck design, a ruffled belt to define your figure, a light and flowing hemline, and a split design for a cool and comfortable look that reveals a hint of sexiness.

For summer, we usually recommend strapless or sleeveless wedding dresses. These styles that show more skin are a great way to help you cope with the heat during a summer wedding, but if you're interested in a dress with sleeves, our top pick is Ayla, model 101500178. This flowy A-line dress gives us A complete Greek goddess vibe, relaxed and flowing Chanel lace fabric. The sweetheart neckline is a floral design that extends along your body and meets the flowing tulle skirt. Tulle long sleeves adopt a Bohemian Episcopal style, and puffy sleeves meet the cuff tightening, increasing air circulation and keeping you cool and covered.

Bohemian fashion: Summer wedding dress trends

The top trend for summer wedding dresses is Bohemian fashion. This relaxed yet artistic style embraces the carefree attitude of the late '60s and' 70s while still feeling stylish. With flowing silhouettes, delicate embroidery and botanical details, we completely understand why boho style dresses are so perfect for a summer wedding! If you want to wear this free-spirited style to your wedding, we think you'll love these dresses. Our Aksha wedding dress, model 30100018 is a typical Boho beauty, decorated with beautiful floral embroidery lace, garland from the shoulders along the outline of our body, romantic and beautiful, full of gorgeous jewelry, set off the bride's nobility, flower design is elegant and beautiful. The waist line is also covered by a thin jeweled belt, which shows the curves of the bride.

The large, detachable Bohemian hemline allows you to have more style.

For a Bohemian wedding dress that feels more stylish, there is Dior, style 201500418. This boho ball dress is decorated with polka-dot inspired embroidery and flows off a low-cut top. The light tulle skirts float down from the body, layer by layer, hazy and three-dimensional, like a dream, the chest and waist line are covered with delicate flowers, bringing a charming feeling, but also outline your body. High slit skirt, bring cool for the hot summer.

Pair the dress with a fluffy ponytail or wet nurse braid to fully reflect the Bohemian fashion style, plus size brides are also suitable, dior's off-the-shoulder sleeve can be a good cover for the arm of the goodbye meat.

Dior's dreamy A-line dress with vine-inspired embroidery all over gave this gown A natural feel. The tulle overlay creates an ethereal effect, creating delicate wrinkles on the romantic sweetheart top. Waisted floral designs help to define your body, enhance your curves and create a beautiful Bohemian style. And the lightweight tulle makes this dress ideal for weddings on the beach, in the waves and in the sun

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